Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Trimming, Pruning, & Landscape Cleanup


A well-maintained yard accentuates the beauty of your home or business and increases your property value.   Trimming and pruning are vital to maintaining healthy attractive trees and plants.  Pruning removes less healthy branches to allow more sunlight and air to filter through.  When less desirable branches are pruned off, the tree can focus its nutrients on the remaining branches, increasing the health of the tree.  It is essential that pruning is done at the right time of year and with the proper technique.  Trimming shrubs and hedges helps keep them in shape for an aesthetically pleasing landscape.  Our landscape maintenance programs include routine pruning of trees and trimming of all shrubs and ground cover.  We also offer landscape cleanup services.  If you have an overgrown property, give us a call, and we can clean it up for you no matter how unkempt it is.

Weed, Pest, & Disease Control


Landscape chemical applications help to encourage healthy growth of plants and trees and also alleviate problems with weeds and insects. Some of our clients prefer organic gardening, and we are happy to offer organic solutions too. Our typical chemical maintenance programs include routine pre-emergents to prevent weed growth, fertilizers to encourage vigorous growth, and pesticides to prevent pests.

Seasonal Color & Mulching


 Annual flowers provide variety and pops of color in the landscape. These plants have to be changed out as the seasons change. We plant fall/winter color plants that thrive in cooler weather around the month of November. In May, we plant spring/summer color plants that are more heat tolerant. When we plant seasonal color, we include flower bed preparation to promote plant health. These biannual color changes provide enjoyable variation in your landscape as parts of the yard welcome beautiful new flowers twice a year.  


Lawn Maintenance

The key to keeping an impressive green lawn is quality maintenance. Did you know that different types of grass need to be cut at different heights to promote healthy turf? We’ve got you covered. Our lawn maintenance team will properly cut, weed-eat, and edge your lawn and blow your property free of leaves and debris during each visit. Our regular lawn maintenance program includes 42 visits per year: one lawn maintenance visit each week during the growing season of March through October, and every other week during the off-season months of November through February. Our lawn maintenance team keeps regular routes, so you will know when to expect us. We will visit your property on the same day each week unless bad weather interferes with our schedule.